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Have you thought about the time you spend at home cleaning you clothes?

Laundromat in Valencia that pampers your clothes.

The laundry is an essential household task, but be careful! you can lose a lot of free time.

From Lavandería Autoservicio Rapiddo, we are going to facilitate you this task. Think about how many washing machines you have to put at home each week. Waiting for the end of the cycle of a domestic washer can be more than one hour and then, it will still be left to dry, relying if the weather and your neighbors are respectful. Even if you have a dryer, that is not a good plan, think about the price you pay for electricity and the time it takes to dry a few clothes.

Hire our laundry delivery in Valencia.

Get more time for what you want!

We are not franchisees. You have available at your disposal, three industrial washing machines of 11 kg. (24 lbs) for 4€ and one more than 18 kg. (40 lbs) for 6€ to clean all the most bulky household clothes.

The wash that we have developed lasts 30 minutes and is made with decalcified water and detergents with additives to eliminate the most resistant spots. You can dry clothes with two dryers of 17 kg. which it works for just €2 each cycles of 15 minutes. Your clothes will be impeccable for just over € 6.

How they works our washing and driers machines?

Instrucciones de uso: Cargar y cerrar la lavadora; Paga en en cajero; Selecciona temperatura en la lavadora y presionar Start para comenzar.
Also laundry delivery service

Let us to wash your clothes for you

Our home laundry service is ideal for tourists or people passing through Valencia. Also for people who do not want or do not have time to wash. Ideal for small businesses that need to wash clothes or lingerie.